Cloud controlled Mesh IoT

Synap enables connectivity for any type of sensor device in a plug & play, easily extendable network, completely managed remotely in a cloud data platform


Environmental Monitoring

Emission Gas Detection
Water Quality Monitoring

Landfill Biogas management

Biogas well automation –
Recycling Waste to Energy

Smart City Infrastructure

Smart Utilities
Autonomous remote control

Problem solved

Any Sensor

Connect any digital sensor device and get them working together according to the requirements


Extremely low power consumption makes it possible to install anywhere with solar power


Configuration-free, no training is required. Fully managed by cloud controller platform


IoT Gateway

Multi-radio full-duplex narrowband mesh network.
Patented SynapMesh protocol.

MN100 modem

Collecting sensor data. Cloud controlled supporting auto mesh network extension.

Monitoring Station

Autonomous real-time environmental monitoring system using various sensor devices


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