Why Synap

We believe that IoT applications should be operated on a private communication network in order to achieve the security and reliability needed for mission-critical communication. 

A great IoT solution is hassle-free. Our communication platform enables the IoT community to concentrate on delivering value from their applications.  

Therefore all Synap equipment is configuration free, no specialist training is needed. We bridge the networking knowledge gap by employing the SynapMesh protocol together with the intelligence in our centralised cloud platform. The network forms automatically, requiring no staging or configuration on site.

Smart Grid

Synap IoT Mesh

SynapMesh is a tailor-made communication protocol for wireless smart meter networks operating on the sub-GHz narrowband spectrum.  Our cutting edge technology provides electricity companies with the last-mile mesh connectivity to connect smart meters everywhere. We employ best systems engineering practices to ensure that the network is highly scalable, extremely reliable and easy to install and maintain. The network also provides the high level of communication security and system availability needed for mission-critical operations. 

solar power Synap LoRa IoT

Problems we have solved

IoT network planning

Network Planning

No training is needed
Assisted by the Intelligent SynapCloud controller

Ease of use IoT Mesh

Ease of Use

Auto-forming network
Configuration free
No staging

decentralized IoT security


Decentralised Security
AES 256-bit encryption
Key management system


Barcelona, Spain

25-28 February 2019

Hall 1

Stand 1H1

Hannover, Germany

1-5 April 2019

Hall 27, Stand H30

Sweden Co-Lab 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3-4 Sep 2019

Stand AL05

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