Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance Monitoring Station

Real-time sensors with active water sampling system

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Control panel with wireless network connectivity.

Provide control of the 3rd party auto water sampler

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Water intake point with flow detection sensor in the manhole

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Auxiliary Clean Water Supply
(for sensor cleaning & maintenance)

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3rd party auto water sampler

(collecting sample for further lab analysis)

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Monitoring system for environmental protection compliance using real-time sensors and automatic event triggering mechanisms

Continuous monitoring Ad-hoc water sampling

Real-time monitoring station integrated with 3rd party auto water sampler for collecting sampler for lab analysis.

Water sample collection triggered by different threshold settings.

Enforce environmental compliance

Autonomous and continuous monitoring for detecting any unexpected environment incident using real-time sensors. Cloud managed with Email/SMS notification.

Water sample for further lab analysis can be collected anytime, anywhere automatically.

Go Beyond Manual Sample collection

Autonomous real-time monitoring system to detect environmental issue continuously. Automatically sample collection through the integration with 3rd party sampling device

Common measurement parameters

Use Cases:

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