LPWAN: Cloud controlled IoT Mesh

Synap provides robust wireless communications for IoT devices such as sensors. The main bottleneck today is how to connect sensors to the network and actually get the data out at a very low cost.  We have created a secure, automatic network solution that demands no networking or programming experience to use.

The Synap IoT Mesh Network is fully managed by a cloud-based controller and our equipment is configuration free. The network is also private, only your own devices will be able to use it.

Synap IoT Networks

IoT Sensor Connectivity

When a new sensor is deployed and connected to a Synap modem, the network automatically recognises it and connects it to the SynapCloud controller

solar power Synap LoRa IoT

Smart Utilities

Our cutting edge technology provides electricity companies with the last-mile mesh connectivity to connect smart meters everywhere

Problems we have solved

IoT network planning

Network Planning

No training is needed
Assisted by the Intelligent SynapCloud controller

Ease of use IoT Mesh

Ease of Use

Auto-forming network
Configuration free
No staging

decentralized IoT security


Decentralised Security
AES 256-bit encryption
Dynamic Security Key


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