Synap IoT Network

Care-free IoT connectivity

The value of an IoT sensor network comes from the data generated by the sensors and what you can do with it. The network has to reliably collect the data into a central repository, and give some measure of control over the sensors.

The usual bottlenecks are:

How to connect the sensor to a wireless network?
How to install the wireless network and keep it running smoothly for many years?
Security:  How to ensure that no one can listen to or manipulate the communications, or control the sensors or network devices in any way?

To be of any practical use in large-scale installations, the network technology must be very reliable and so easy to install that no special training is needed. It must also be possible to manage the network from a central control, otherwise operational costs from truck rolls may become very large. The network needs to be private, where only the own sensors can communicate.

The Synap IoT Network provides:

Modem with serial communication interface (e.g. RS485) for connection of the sensor

Software application for quick profiling of the modem to serve the sensor

Automatic joining of the modem to the network, and broken link repair

Central network provisioning in a cloud based service

Robust outdoor gateways for industrial level reliability

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