LoRa Modem with meshing capability for robust IoT connectivity

Synap LoRa modem

LoRa with mesh on license-free frequency bands

The Synap Modem uses Semtech’s LoRa physical radio technology, which has an excellent communication range. It runs the SynapMesh protocol which is specially designed for use in license-free bands, providing a private network with extended range and reliability due to automatic meshing capability.

Plug-and-play installation

The Synap Modem is designed to enable massive roll-outs of IoT devices such as sensors or utility meters. Installing a Synap modem is therefore completely hassle-free:

  • No training is required
  • No manual configuration
  • No pre-installation staging is needed

All the installation technician needs to do is to connect the sensor cables to the modem, power up the sensor and modem, and wait for the red LED on the modem to light up. That’s it, and she can continue to the next sensor site and start installing a new device.

Mesh capability in every modem

With the SynapMesh protocol, any modem can act as a linking device for other modems. Sensors or meters often need to sit on far away or inaccessible sites below ground or in stairwells hidden behind thick walls. The meshing capability greatly extends the reach of the modem, which in turn means that fewer gateway devices are needed to provide full coverage in an area. However, for a modem to function as a reliable mesh link device for a long time, it must have a reliable power source.

Automatic network connection

The connection process is fully automatic, as the intelligence built into SynapMesh protocol takes care of the whole handshake and configuration process. A few minutes after installation the device is fully functional and accessible from SynapCloud. The same process kicks in whenever a modem loses its connection, to quickly recover it.

Modem/sensor tailoring Over-The-Air

Every IoT device has its own set of commands and data formats. After installation, the Synap IoT Network solution automatically configures the modem to serve the particular IoT device. This is simple: download the device vendor’s instruction set and store it as a device profile in SynapCloud. When a new device is connected, the modem is automatically loaded with the device profile as part of the handshake process.

Communication security

All communication in the Synap IoT Network is protected by AES 256 bit encryption, which is maintained end-to-end from the modem to the SynapCloud. This includes the modem connection and configuration procedure. An authentication process ensures that no rogue modems can join the network. The AES encryption key is dynamic, and security is further enhanced by SHA-256 integrity checks to ensure that messages are not tampered with. The SynapMesh protocol prevents flooding attacks and similar problems, as modems simply discard messages that are not intended for them.

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