Robust and reliable design for IoT Networks

The Gateway forms the core of the wireless IoT network. In a smart utilities project, for example, it serves as the mission-critical last-mile connection for several hundreds of sensors and meters. Gateway devices live a hard life, exposed to weather or tough industrial environments for years. The Synap Gateway is therefore designed to be extremely rugged, using a Dupont engineering polymer material for the chassis and industrial-grade proven hardware. It is lightweight and designed with installation in mind, easy to hold in one hand and with LEDs indicating the status of the gateway operation.

Leading Industrial Design

X1 Synap Gateway

The advanced industrial design of X1 uses state of the art  manufacturing technologies and materials to resulting in an extremely reliable hardware for all deployment scenarios. Designed for scalability and high security, the Synap X1 gateway is configuration free and fully managed in the centralised SynapCloud network controller.

Dupont Engineering Polymer

Industrial grade material strength and stiffness. UV, heat and chemicals resistance. Chassis melting point over 300°C

Full Duplex

Multi-radio design. Never missing the sensor data upload during data transmission

Controller based

Configuration free. Managed by the centralised controller, SynapCloud

Integrated GPS

Build in GPS antenna inside the gateway chassis

X1 Synap Gateway

Key Features

LoRa Radio

Long coverage range.
LoRa physical layer radio with 20 km direct range

Private Network

New connections are checked for authenticity. Only through a gateway belonging to your own private network.


Dynamic security key for each message transmission. AES-256 for encryption and SHA-256 for data integrity check

Controller based

No configuration is done directly in the gateway. All management of the network is done in the cloud controller


Dupont Engineering Polymer chassis
IP 67 weather proof
6kV common surge protection

Ease of Use

3 LEDs for functional check
Easy to install even when wearing electrician gloves

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