Network Controller in the Cloud for complete management of the Synap IoT Network

The Synap IoT Network is a complete end to end IoT communication solution. No integration work is needed between the web service, gateway and sensor modems. SynapCloud is the Cloud-based network controller that streamlines the whole operation of your sensor networks, in one single annual subscription.

SynapCloud allows the simultaneous management of

Multiple types of sensors,
In multiple locations and networks,
Using a single login.


SynapCloud Network Controller

SynapCloud provides complete control of the Synap IoT Network and manages the end-to-end secure transportation of the data to from the sensors to a storage database. Remote configuration of new modems and regular network maintenance are handled automatically in background processes running the SynapMesh protocol.  

An API enables integration of the Synap IoT network into 3rd party applications.

Security and access control

All Synap networks are private. The access to the network as well as the sensor data is restricted to login controlled by the SynapShield authorisation service running on the database server. SynapShield also employs an authentication process to ensure only valid modems and gateways can communicate on the network.

Network provisioning

Most network management processes run automatically behind the scenes by the built-in procedures in the SynapMesh protocol:

  • Handshake and configuration of a new MN100 modem to join the network
  • Reconnection of a lost modem
  • Network monitoring and fine-tuning
  • Network security key changes

It is possible to manually set network parameters for the modems in the SynapCloud UI, such as:

  • Time-out for automatic modem reset and rejoining
  • Modem on/off
  • Reporting frequency

Remote modem profiling

Within a Synap IoT Network, each modem can serve a different type of IoT device. Each MN100 modem needs to store the exact format of the commands of the device type it provides connection for. In the Synap IoT Network, this configuration can be done remotely by sending a device profile from SynapCloud to the modem.

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