SynapMesh is a tailor-made communication protocol for wireless smart meter networks operating on the sub-GHz narrowband spectrum using the LoRa radio chip.  The last-mile connectivity problem is solved by the Synap IoT Network’s meshing capability. In addition to direct connection between meter and gateway device, the networking protocol SynapMesh enables the meters themselves to act as transceivers, providing connectivity extension to far-off or hard to reach meters. The network is completely transparent to the meshing, with the same data transfer and overall network performance as for direct connections to the gateway. An optimised TDMA and channel scheme suppresses interference between neighbouring devices, making high density networks feasible and also possible to run on license-free frequency bands.

The SynapMesh protocol is radio technology agnostic, and the devices designed for modularity. We advise using the LoRa physical radio technology, but our devices can be adapted at a low cost to incorporate the radio technology that offers the best coverage performance while keeping the mesh networking capability.  With our complete end to end communication solution from the modem via the gateway, to the Cloud, we can implement central network intelligence and management functions in the Cloud while keeping all our hardware configuration free. This wireless communication suite also allows us to implement the SynapShield security features to ensure the best communication security and reliability required for mission-critical power grid operations.


SynapShield provides the necessary security to run mission-critical operations over the SynapMesh network. All communications are encrypted with the AES 256-bit standard to avoid eavesdropping and data integrity is ensured with SHA-256. Data integrity is further strengthened by employing a decentralised security method. All data are source authenticated and only packets from authorised sources and having correct network parameters are accepted into the network.   SynapCloud enforces access control and uses encryption key management to prevent unauthorised access to the network. Meter data access and network configuration is restricted to the SynapCloud management application or through the API.

Synap Technologies IoT Gateway - LoRa Radio

Synap IoT Gateway Design

  • Dupont Engineering polymer. Replaces metal
  • Excellent insulating/electrical resistance
  • UV, Heat, humidity and chemical resistance
  • Industrial grade material strength and stiffness
  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • Full Duplex communication within the network
  • IP67 weather-seal
  • LED lights
  • PoE powered
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