Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring Station

Real-time sensors with active water sampling system

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Control panel with wireless network connectivity

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Solar Power Management System with Eco-friendly battery

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Solar Panel

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Water level measurement point

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Auxiliary Clean Water Supply

(for sensor cleaning & maintenance)

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Real-time water quality measurement using digital sensors and active sampling system

Real-time water quality data anywhere

Active suction pump for extracting water sample for real-time measurement.

Auxiliary clean water supply system for sensor cleaning and maintenance.

Configuration-free and remote managed by cloud controller.

Make use of different sensor devices

Synap water monitoring system can accommodate difference type of water sensors available in the market.

No direct sensor installation at the exposed harsh environment. Proven water sampling mechanism allows maintenance-free operation which can run 100% on solar power.

Extract water sample anywhere

No direct sensor installation in the water passage. The monitoring station is maintenance-free even in dry season

Common measurement parameters

Use Cases:

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